Bulk Social Checker

Bulk Social checker as its name shows is used to check all social media profiles. It is a simple and easy to use tool even a newbie can easily use this tool.

This tool support URL's up to 10 at once!.


Bulk Social checker tool saves our time because we can check all social media counts of a website without opening it, this tool supports 10 URL’s in one go. After checking your result you can download your result in CSV format. To check social count of a website just enters the URL of the site in given box and click on “find social counts” button. This act will provide all the social counts for your website. Social checker is especially useful for checking your websites social growth and comparing your site with other competitor’s sites.

What is Bulk Social Checker?

These days it is very important to be in touch with friends through social networking sites. It is also an important part for business owners. This tool helps you to determine how your site is ranking on the different social networking websites. Bulk social checker tool helps you to determine how strong your presence is on social media. This tool determine and display the performance of blog or web page on great social networking sites. It will not maintain any database of urls. Social checker tool helps you to monitor, track and analyse your social statistics.

How we use bulk social stats checker?

Enter your webpage URL in the given text box. Then, click on the “Submit” button. The tool shows you the complete social media statistics about social media likes, comments and shares on various high Domain Authority social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Linkedin and Google Plus.You can also download results in CSV format. You can enter up to 10 urls in on go. This easy and free tool gives you result in nice organised manner.

Benefits of Bulk Social Checker for Webmasters and SEO Professionals

This tool is very useful to work with to check which social media sites you are doing well and in which you need improvement. This is a free and handy tool that gives you the social signals details in a nicely organized manner. All of us clearly knows that social networking sites are a great way of marketing/promotion. So, by using Social stats checker one can easily find its webpage social statistics for free. As no CAPTCHA present here so one can use this tool without any hindrances. Thus, improve its social media presence by further using latest techniques.